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21-mile Combo Trip

21 Mile Combo Trip

The first 13 miles offer beautiful views of the Grand Tetons and some of the best eagle-nesting habitat in the lower 48, followed by 8 miles of exciting whitewater and a well-deserved deli lunch.There is a bus ride between sections.

2015  2016
Standard Raft Adult $125 $130
Standard Kids (6-12) $105 $110
8 Person Raft (all ages) $130 $135

16-mile Continuous Combo Trip

16 Mile Continuous Combo Trip

You’ll enjoy 8 scenic miles, take a short break, then dig in for 8 miles of whitewaterBoth sections of the river are home to deer, otters, an occasional moose or elk, eagles, kingfishers, and osprey. Finish your adventure with a deli lunch alongside the Snake River. There is no bus ride in between sections.

2015  2016
Standard Raft Adult $108 $113
Standard Raft Kids (6–12) $88 $93
8 Person Raft(all ages) $114 $119


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8 Mile Whitewater

Journey down the class II-III intermediate Snake River with stunning canyon scenery, calm stretches, and fun rapids, including the two biggest waves on the river, Big Kahuna and Lunchcounter, both named by Dave Hansen himself. Your guide will teach you how to sit, paddle, and stroke as you laugh your way down the Snake!

2015  2016
Standard Raft Adult $75 $80
Standard Raft Kids (6–12) $65 $70
8 Person Raft (all ages) $80 $85

Trips for Beginners, Experts, and Families

Since 1967 Dave Hansen River Trips has been providing exciting whitewater and scenic river trips for kids from 6-96 (true story!). Whether you’re confident in a raft or a little nervous, we have trips for all ages and experience levels:


Experienced Guides Prioritize Safety & Fun

Our guides will work their Chacos off to make sure you have a fantastic adventure.  With big hearts and big smiles, our lively gang may start a water fight, serenade you with a harmonica, or regale you with Snake River tales to keep you laughing through every twist and turn. 

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As owners and managers who guide (Dave guided until age 67!), DH ensures the highest standards from all of our guides. Every guide completes our Dave Hansen Guide School which provides rigorous, hands-on river safety and river ecology training. Additionally, our senior guides take great care to mentor younger guides in all aspects of the trade and all guides continue their education through periodic classes with local environmental groups and naturalists.


Our Promise of Excellence

We will work harder than anyone on the Snake River to make sure you have a safe, fun, fantastic experience from start to finish. Every employee—from the front desk staff to the senior guide—shares the same goal: to provide you with the best possible river adventure. 

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Dave Hansen started commercial rafting on the Snake River over 40 years ago, naming the two biggest rapids on the river, Lunchcounter and The Big Kahuna. Four decades later, we’ve continued and enhanced Dave’s high standards of excellence: safety first, a great experience for every rafter, and a respect for the beautiful surroundings. We know there is no better place to be than playing on a river, and we’re confident you will enjoy it as much as we do!


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